Air Signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are associated with intellect, mobility and communication.

Angular houses
Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10. These represent the angles of the chart Planets here identify important, determining factors in a person?s life. The natural homes of the cardinal signs of the zodiac.

When a planet approaches a conjunction to another planet, a house, or another zodiacal point, it is said to be "applying". The three levels of interpretation of any transiting influence are "applying", "exact", and "separating". (or "waxing", conjunct" "waning", when it involves the Moon)

The spatial relationships between zodiacal points, based on a 360 degree elliptic. The influences of the planets are modified by their distances between one another.

A way of thinking based on the locations and interrelationships of the celestial bodies, and their application in determining evolving individuality.

The point in the chart determined by the time of birth. The energy directly before you at birth. It identifies the process through which you interact with your immediate environment, and respond to initial events.

Cadent Houses
Houses 3, 6, 9, and 12 are said to be the furthest removed from the angles of the chart. Planets in these houses contribute great flexibility, but little definition of character. The natural homes of the "mutable" signs of the zodiac.

Cardinal signs
Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The signs that denote the natural angularities of the chart. These are signs of self-projection, and direction.

When two bodies occur within the ten degrees of longitude to one another, they are said to be conjunct. The closer they are, the stronger the blended power.

This is an aspect by declination, rather than longitude. It operates in much the same way as an opposition.

Refers to the separating point between two signs or houses ? the last degrees of one and the first degrees of another. Generally refers to an "applying" point, hence indicates a planet that anticipates the influence of the upcoming sign or house. This would also be called a "forward-looking" planet.

The measurement of degrees by latitude, rather than longitude. The number of degrees north or south of the equator.

This refers to the relative comfort that each planet enjoys in any particular sign. The Sun rules Leo, is exalted in Aries, in detriment in Aquarius, and in fall in Libra. The first two foster individuality. The last two tend to diminish it.

Earth signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Refer to practicality and instrumental productivity.

Fire, Air, Earth and Water

The lovely little book that tells us what was where, when in the heavens. No matter how many computer programs I find, I always trust my ephemeris in my lap.

Fire signs
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Associated with impulse, energy, and action.

Fixed signs
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Tend to neither react to external conditions, or adapt to them. These signs refer to absolutes or standards that encourage a person to hold their own and not be swayed by events.

With the Earth as its center. Most astrology is geocentric.

Horary astrology
These readings are based on a time and place that an event occurs. It is like a "birth chart" for a moment or event. Charts are done for weddings, important meetings, to determine the timeliness of an event.

Can be natal, or progressed. Your chart at birth, or your birth chart relative to where you are now.

The twelve divisions of the zodiac based on the hour of your birth. In the "Equal House" system, each house will relate to two hours of the 24 hr day. In the Placidean System, which I use, the houses may vary according to the time of year, and the place of your birth. Each house represents a particular area of your life, where the energies of any planet locating there will focus.

The point directly above your head at the moment of birth, said to represent your goals and aspirations in life, and according to the sign and planets nearby, identify the ways that you achieve your objectives.

Mutable signs
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.. These signs are adaptive and flexible. They represent an ability to survive anywhere, but can lack direction and purpose.

This aspect of 180 degrees (+/- nine degrees) represents polarities in an individual, and can involve balance or conflict depending on other aspects. An opposition will always heighten the need for decision-making.

An orb is the allowable distance that occurs in order to identify an aspect. A "square" is an aspect of 90 degrees, with an orb of +/- 6 degrees.

An aspect by declination that operates in much the same way as a conjunction. In this case, two planets which occupy the same degree of latitude are said to be parallel.

Part of Fortune
One of 32 theoretical points that are often referred to as the "Arabic Parts." These utilize equations involving points in the chart that may direct certain kinds of energy to certain kinds of outcome. The Part of Fortune involves combining the longitude of the Ascendant and the Moon, and subtracting the longitude of the Moon, to come up with a point in the chart that is said to be extremely fortunate. I chart them, but seldom use them.

Refers to any of the number of processes that astrologers use to bring a natal horoscope forward to represent the current conditions in life. While I tend to focus most intently on transits, I do use the "Day-for-a-Year" system of progression. A progressed horoscope is one that has been adapted to reflect current conditions.,

An aspect relationship of 150 degrees (with a 2-3 degree orb). A quincunx, sometimes called an "Inconjunct" is said to represent a certain kind of lesson that we must learn. This is especially true when two quincunx? occur for a single planet. This forms a "Y" pattern with the critical planet at its foot. It called a "Yod"., and it identifies major life lessons.

For a certain portion of the year, because of they are being overtaken by faster-moving planets, every planet except the Sun and Moon, spends time appearing to move backward. This is referred to as retrograde motion. Mercury will retrograde @three times a year, Venus once a year, Mars every other year, and the outer planets will each be retrograde for a certain portion of the year. Retrograde motion for Mercury, Venus and Mars can be noticeably impactful. The outer planets tend to be most noticeable as they change station and focus energy before turning retrograde, or resuming direct motion. In a natal chart, retrograde birth planets can be important features.

A planetary aspect of 60 degrees, with a 5 or 6 degree orb. A sextile is quite pleasant. Sometimes, it is considered more beneficial than a trine because it is less self-indulgent. Since trines represent areas of life that come easy, they can make us lazy. Sextiles are pleasant and comfortable.

This is one of the more challenging aspects, representing a spatial relationship of 90 degrees, with an orb of 9 degrees. I don?t look at ?good" and ?bad" in astrology, but I do look at ?ease" and ?challenge". A square is the classic aspect of challenge, second only to the conjunction in its potential for dramatic events.

Succeedent Houses
Houses 2, 5, 8, 11. Planets located in these houses will assist a person achieve his goals through focus and determination, and by accessing a variety of resources to achieve a desired end. The natural homes of the ?fixed" signs of the zodiac.

The process of comparing two horoscopes for the purpose of determining compatibility is called synastry.

The term ?transit" refers to the current movement of any planet. I will often use this term to identify a current location and influence of a planet in question.

This is the classic aspect in ease in the zodiac. It refers to a spatial relationship of 120 degrees with an orb of 9 degrees. It denotes our ?gifts", and the things that tends to come easily to us. Sometimes a trine causes problems because it encourages us to become self-indulgent or lazy.

Water signs
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The element water relates to feelings, intuition and responsiveness.

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